Meet the Boonbassadors

These four mamas know that parenthood doesn’t have to mean giving up your personal style. They share a passion for family and for modern products that help simplify their lives. Check out all the ways Boon ingenuity helps them get through the infant and toddler years, as they share everyday moments made better with Boon.
Kenzi & JayCee Bio:
We are two sisters who love to show our passion for family, fashion and everything in between. We are from Las Vegas and have 6 kids between the two of us. One is doing boys, and one is doing girls. We consider ourselves the luckiest to have each other in this crazy thing we call life!
Erin Bachman Bio:
Erin is a motherhood and lifestyle blogger from Pittsburgh, PA and a stay at home mom to one toddler boy with another on the way. She started Caffeine & Cuddles Blog in April 2016 as a way to connect, encourage and uplift other women and mothers. Erin is passionate about sharing bits of her everyday life, parenting tips (and fails!), fashion and beauty finds, and more!
Janene Crossley Bio:
I’m the wife to my college sweetheart, whose made me a mama to these 4 beautiful babes. A 5-year-old spirited girl, 3-year-old boy/girl twins that absolutely adore each other through an unrecognizable chit-chat and throw-down wrestling, and our ever-adored, tiny caboose baby girl. I also have a passion for fitness and nutrition, and adore being a group fitness instructor and LOVE sharing my experience and advice about staying active and healthy … but Diet Coke and chocolate are still my jam.